Recent Movies

02/23/11  “I’m Still Here”

Amazing movie, yea it´s fake and that is what makes it better.

Joaquin Phonenix really took a risk by doing this and that takes some guts.

After watching this some of the images followed me for a while, thats a good sign.



03/01/11  “The Next Three Days”

Its starts ok, with some mistery and well paced, but it lost me when the Liam Nesson character appeared, the guy broke out of seven (yes, seven!) prisions, wrote books and stuff and he will meet up for coffe and tell you EVERYTHING you need to know, just for a couple of bills you have on you wallet, really???



03/05/11  “How Do You Know”

A long movie with lots of stars and like only two jokes? no thanks.  Reese Witherspoon was ok i guess, but all the others were not.

You will forget this movie after watching it.




03/05/11  “Just Go With It”

A really horrendous piece of crap, saved by Nicole Kidman.




03/07/11  “Hereafter”

No wonder why this was nowhere to be seen in the award season, its not that bad, but there its just something wrong i can’t tell.

Movies with tsunamis, terrorist attacks in subways, lots of French and death  are not very appealing.

Also we are lead to believe this is a Matt Damon flick and its not, he is just one more character with his individual storyline.



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