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I really wanted to like this, funny cast and the director of Superbad. But, having an alien with Seth Rogen’s voice is NOT a good idea. The movie was boring, long, unfunny and predictble. The minute they show that Paul can bring back the dead, you know that on the long run one of the protagonists will get shot and Paul will save him.  Huge dissapoinment.



Super predictable, super boring.  Liam Nesson is ok on my book but this unofficial Taken sequel is more of the same (he is not in France getting back his daughter, he in Germany getting back his identity).  When you guess the ending of a movie in the first 10 minutes, you can confirm is crap. Plus its a total Jason Bourne rip off.



How you can’t like this movie?  Bradley Cooper has what it takes to carry the whole movie, the story is easy to follow and its very entretaining.  I loved how the protagonist was doing everything i was thinking like: if he so smart he should find the formula of the drug, he did. Also when he told the blond chick to take the pill when se was being chased, i thougt of the same. Robert DeNiro has a great scene. Loved the action scenes and the ending. The only problem was edition and a couple of plot holes. Overall was a pleasant surprise and one the years best (so far).


The King’s Speech

What was i expecting? this is a movie about a King that is not able to speak in public and Geoffrey Rush helps him. Thats it! Thats all you get.I’m not saying its bad, but its dull, getting the Oscar for Best Picture next to films like “Inception”, “127 Hours” or “The Social Network”?. I dot get it.



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