The Ides Of March

A correct political thriller, featuring a list of stars, including the actor of the moment Ryan Gosling. This is the 3rd movie George Clooney has directed.

So yea, its correct, but its like nothing new, long steady shots of nothing, the tense music, the secret meetings, the annoying reporter and all the elements of this kinds of movies.

Plot (spoilers): George Clooney its running for president and Gosling is one of his “dudes”, but then all goes to hell when he meets with Paul Giamatti (who works for the other candidate), also he sleeps with an intern who is pregnant with Clooney’s baby cause she also slept with him (slut), the she gets and abortion and kills herself (the abortion was $900), then we have a reporter in the middle. Then Gosling backmails Clooney and he wins!

Though the movie was correct, i hope it doesn’t get a lot of Oscar nominations




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