Martha Marcy May Marlene

Martha has been missing for two years, one day she calls her rich sister and meets her in her summer vacation house, the sister fiance is also there.

Martha is not ok, she is acting strange and paranoid. Thanks to flashbacks we see where she was, she was in a farm with some people you can call a “cult”, they grow thier own food, they have orgies and break into people houses. The two storylines play along, we see a bit of Martha in the “cult” and then with her sister, with out telling you wich one you are seeing. Both storylines eventualy merge, when the “cult” is after Martha.

Basicaly its sounds boring, but the way is told in a non-linerar style, makes it suspensful. The chick that played Martha was ok , The creepy leader of the “cult” was fine as well (this actor also played a creepy dude in “Winter’s Bone”).

I don’t have much else to say, other than the first viewing may not have produce much in me, its seemes to be one of thouse pictures that hunts you and demand a second viewnig.




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