Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol

Recently Steven Spielberg gave us his first
ever animated movie “The Adventures Of Tin
Tin” with mixed results, now Brad Bird who´s
previous work has been all animated movies
delivers his first live action movie, and we 
can say Mission Accomplished!

This fourth installment is by far the best of the
series, surpassing the DePalma, Woo and
Abrams installments, i can even say this is
the best action movie of 2011.

Action scene after action scene mixed with
spy elements a solid script and a couple of
laughs, this “Ghost Protocol” is a fun ride.

Tom Cruise nows exactly what he is doing
and he is well accompanied with the raising
Jeremy Renner, the funny Simon Pegg and
the cutie Paula Patton, all giving good

A little surprise was the main titles showing
small pieces of scenes from the movie we are
abut to see.



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